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The Greenery solutions

 Preserved Plants - Artificial Plants - Living Plants

Greenery Concepts in Interior Design Made in Australia

Artificial Plants


Let's discuss how we can change your environment while adding a green touch to your space.


Experience our innovative and captivating design concept, carefully crafted to surpass your expectations and create a stunning space.

Enless possibilities

We have a diverse range of artificial plants, from greenery, trees to faux green walls. Whatever you need, we have it.


Professional installation service, with precision, and seamless execution. We adapt it to the design for a perfect fit and integration.

Make it real!

Ultra-realistic greenery that rivals THE REAL THING

Our Artificial Plants are the right choice if the room's environment is not suitable for Preserved Plants or if you want to create a design with a mixture of both Artificial and Preserved Plants.

EasyGreen artificial gardens are hand-made from a large variety of high-quality faux greenery carefully chosen to create a natural atmosphere, or we can supply and install  UV-resistant panels.


Artifical tree

Pot and plants


Quality product and services ensure that your plants are longlisting. 

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Fresh, Dynamic, and Endlessly Creative Possibilities.

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UV resistant selection

We offer a selection of UV-resistant artificial plants suitable for outdoor installations or highly exposed areas.

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O Naturel 

O Naturel: The Most Realistic Artificial Plants on the Market.

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Environmentally Friendly Process

We prioritize eco-friendly practices and utilize recycled materials.

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Low-dusting Maintenance 

Superior materials mean less plant maintenance. Our included maintenance service saves you money with fewer upkeep needs.

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Unique & Endless design possibilities

UV Resistant

Most realistic artificial plants on the market

Environmentally friendly

Low dusting maintenance

Couple of Kangaroos
We are certified Australia-made. 
Start your projects today! 

Book your consultation with Easygreen , to talk about your next project. We'll be able to give advice and ideas and provide you a fixed quote to complete your design.

DIY: Navigate to our online shop to order the artificial plants or arrangements you need. Enjoy free delivery across Australia!

Send us your projects, with details specification and picture and received a fast quote from our team.

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