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The Greenery solutions

Greenery Concepts in Interior Design Made in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the preserved plants real?

​Preserved plants are real and are often used in décor, scientific research, and educational purposes. These plants can be preserved through different methods.  Easygreen farmers use a  method that will last permanently as the plant will never dissolve, but also more expensive, such as soaking in solutions that replace the plant's natural fluids with natural preservatives. The Preserved plants and moss will retain their colour, shape, and texture for long periods without decaying.

What is the lifespan of preserved greenery?

The lifespan of a preserved green wall depends on various factors, such as the plants used, the light, and the environment it is placed in.

The preserved moss last for more than a decade, keeping its natural colour and appearance without deterioration if not damaged by others.

And the foliage last several years; it depends on the type of plants some are more fragile than others.

How should I care for preserved plants?

Preserved Plants are low maintenance, requiring no watering, light, or pruning. Additionally, their antistatic properties prevent dust accumulation, making them easy to maintain. However, over time, factors like light exposure can affect their appearance. Fortunately, Easygreen provides services to refresh or replace your plants, ensuring your design remains stunning for a long time.

How to preserve the plants?

The process of preserving plants involves manually selecting plants from farms and then subjecting them to a preservation treatment. We use a preservation process involving water, food colouring, and glycerin to keep our plants looking fresh and beautiful. This process is entirely safe and natural. During the process, the water in the plants is replaced with glycerin and the chlorophyll is replaced with food colouring. Although the process takes time, it is definitely worth it for the stunning results.

Does preserved green wall change the acoustics in a space?

Our foliage walls enhance both aesthetic and acoustic qualities. The panels are carefully manufactured to absorb sound waves and reduce noise levels. The Reindeer moss has unique sound-absorbing properties. Our panels will improve the acoustic environment. Scientifically proven, reindeer moss panels are as efficient as traditional acoustic materials in their sound-absorbing capabilities.

What are the effects of Direct Sunlight on Plants.

Preserved plants react differently to light exposure. Preserved moss can lighten and lose its vibrant colors, while preserved ferns may retract, and preserved flowers can dry out and fade. It's best to avoid direct light for preserved plants. Additionally, they should be kept away from heat sources as they are sensitive to high temperatures. Maintenance and replacement should be considered for preserved plants. Easygreen offers services to ensure your wall remains stunning.

Does preserved plants / moss are Fire-Resistant ?


Preserved Reindeer Moss is perfect for public spaces as it has a beautiful appearance and is naturally fire-resistant.

We can also offer special treatment for our other Preserved Plants to make them fire-resistant upon request.

If you require more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Does Easygreen provide Installation Services in Australia and International?

We design and install projects all around Australia.

Our team originally started creating in Europe and have made their way around the world due to huge popularity!

We have design and manufacturing partners all around the world, with past experience in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, USA, and Taiwan to name a few!

Where can preserved plants and preserved green wall can be placed?

Any indoor space suits our preserved Green Walls and designs, including offices, conference rooms, public buildings, hospitals, and trade shows. It's important that the air humidity does not exceed 70% or is not constant. Preserved Plants are not suitable for outdoor use. Still, we propose another range more ideal for outdoor, such as using other natural plants or UV-resistant artificial plants for outdoor areas that are excessively bright or humid. In some cases, Easygreen Reindeer moss may be suitable for outdoor use.

Are the plants suitable for allergy suffers?

Preserved Plants are indeed suitable for allergy sufferers. Since they are no longer living, they do not release pollen or allergens into the air. This makes them an ideal choice for individuals with allergies who still want to enjoy the beauty of plants without the risk of triggering allergic reactions. With preserved plants, allergy sufferers can have a green and vibrant environment without worrying about their allergies being aggravated.

Does preserved plants / green wall are expensive 

The cost of preserved plants or a preserved green wall can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the project, the type of plants used, and the complexity of the installation. Generally, preserved plants tend to be more expensive than their live counterparts due to the specialized preservation process involved. The preservation technique maintains the plants' natural appearance and extends their lifespan, which adds to the cost. However, preserving plants require minimal maintenance and don't incur ongoing expenses like watering or fertilizing, which can offset the initial investment in the long run.

Do the preserved plants look exactly as they do in our picture ?

The preserved plants may not appear identical to those in our photos since each design is hand-made, resulting in unique arrangements. Additionally, as 100% real and natural products, the preserved plants can exhibit natural variations in colour and form.  While we strive to provide accurate representations in our photos, slight differences may occur due to the inherent characteristics of the plants. However, we guarantee that we always prioritize delivering high-quality preserved plants that closely resemble the images provided.

Are preserved plants odorless or do they have a natural scent?

​Preserved plants may have a natural scent, with flat moss being the strongest in terms of smell. During installation and for a few weeks afterwards, you may notice the natural aroma of the plants. We recommend placing a diffuser in the room but never spraying anything directly into the preserved greenery to mitigate odour. For more detailed information and tips, please refer to our blog. We strive to provide transparency and guidance to ensure your experience with our preserved plants is enjoyable.

What measures are taken to address biosecurity risks?

At Easygreen, we prioritize biosecurity and take full responsibility for the products used in our designs. We maintain constant and direct communication with the Australian Government's Department of Agriculture to ensure compliance with regulations and minimize potential risks. Our clients can be confident in the safety of our products, as they are free from import duties and biosecurity concerns. We are committed to providing our valued customers with a secure and dependable experience.


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