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The Greenery solutions

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Economical solution

 GreenFlex Eco moss panel is the best affordable and visually appealing option and is perfect for budget-conscious people looking to beautify their space.

Easy to install

Green Flex panels are designed to simplify installation for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With its lightweight and versatile mounting options, interlocking system, and time-saving efficiency, you can achieve a professional-looking installation in no time.

Easy to cut

Our panels are designed to make cutting easy, which simplifies your project. With minimal effort, you can achieve a perfect fit for your installation and save valuable time.

Simple to Manipulate

Our panels are designed with ease of use in mind, allowing you to shape and bend them to fit your needs. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our user-friendly design.

Why use Greenflex by Eco moss?


GreenFlex is specifically engineered to offer affordability without compromising on performance. We understand the importance of staying within budget, and our material allows you to create beautiful green walls without breaking the bank. Experience the satisfaction of achieving your design goals while saving money.

High efficiency

 With GreenFlex, efficiency is key. Our material is designed to maximize coverage, meaning you can create impressive green walls with fewer resources. This translates to lower costs while still achieving a lush and vibrant display of nature.


Get the most out of your budget with EcoFlex.

Easy to install and maintenance

GreenFlex is not only economical in terms of upfront costs but also in terms of installation and maintenance. Our material is user-friendly and requires minimal effort to install. Additionally, it is low-maintenance, reducing the need for ongoing expenses. Spend less time and money on installation and upkeep, and more time enjoying your green wall.

Versatile Applications

Whether you're creating green walls for residential spaces, offices, hospitality venues, or retail environments, GreenFlex adapts to your needs. Its versatility allows you to bring nature's beauty to any setting while staying within your budget. Let your creativity thrive without compromising on affordability.

Create your own green wall

Discover the power of cost-effective green walls with GreenFlex and achieve your design vision while saving money, without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. With Green Flex, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to bring a touch of nature to your home, revitalize your office space, or enhance a commercial environment, our reindeer moss panels provide a stunning solution. 

Green Flex support

We're looking for partners and stockists. Our partnerships benefit both parties and are stress-free. We provide assistance, knowledge, and advertising materials to introduce GreenFlex products to your customers and fulfill their green wall needs.


Tel:04 16 000 532 


EasyGreen Interior is a creative greenery studio from Australia. By working with us, you help Easygreen to provide a service that is 100% Australian and manufactured by hand. We guarantee the completion of work to a very high standard and a quality service from first contact through to installation and follow-up. We also provide, on request, a 100% eco-landscaping solution. 


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