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The Greenery solutions

 Preserved Plants - Artificial Plants - Living Plants

Greenery Concepts in Interior Design Made in Australia

Our Services


Book your consultation with Easygreen , to talk about your next project. We'll be able to give advice and ideas and provide you a fixed quote to complete your design.


Download your free guide on the 5 mistakes people make with preserved plants, green walls, and moss walls and how to avoid them.


Send us your projects, with detailes specification and picture and received a fast quote from our team.

How to start with your project?

When you work with Easygreen, we will be  there for every step of the project, bringing our skills greenery, design and practical construction. We work closely beside the team, from the initial supply and planning with our client, to designing in consultation with the architect, to the construction and installation of the greenery design/ wall, to the final fit-out and last touch-up.

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