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The Greenery solutions

Greenery Concepts in Interior Design Made in Australia


​Our Story



​The Origin of It All!

Our journey started with Onyssa, a renowned Swiss designer specialising in preserved plant research and innovation, and Cedric, a distinguished French supplier of preserved plants and interior design elements. Together, we established France's first school of preserved greenery design, where we teach the art of working with preserved plants, from design to installations in commercial areas. 

Before coming to Australia, we opened a French store specialising in crafting and selling preserved plant art and conducting workshops. We have installed our creations in commercial European spaces, including Switzerland and the USA.


Now, our goal is to expand our greenery solutions and share our passion by delivering top-quality work and long-lasting plant solutions in the market.


We invite you to contact us today and join us on a journey towards a greener, more vibrant interior experience with EasyGreen Interior and discover our multiple services to help you with your project. 


 Welcome to a world where nature and design come together in perfect harmony.

Construction Industry

With Easygreen Interior, It's safety first!

Design, project management, installation, and maintenance. Our experienced team can manage any stage of the construction and aftercare.

Being in the construction industry, we hold several tickets such as:

*White card

*Working at Heights

*EWP > 12mtrs

*Use of the appropriate tools

*Secure our installations and make sure we leave the job site tidy

Our team is also formed with a licensed carpenter, a designer, and a project manager, for the best and safe installation. Also a CNC technician for all your logos and branding.

To ensure the best quality installation with a detailed finish that all of our clients deserve, we work in collaboration with all professionals involved in the project and believe that communication is imperative to achieve the best final result.

builders looking at planning drawings

Landscape Designer

Interior Landscape Designers

When the first word that comes to your mouth is that your indoor environment is too umpty,  you thought and tried multiple options to cover that space but that does not suit you and you feel that something is missing.

Sure, You tried a few plants but they required maintenance and you can't keep them healthy and alive. You just need something more! it is where we are coming to you to offer the best solution. As interior landscape designers, we have a close look of what it will suits you the best, solutions and options. Stop to think what is missing just come to get the solution.

We’re an award-winning wall covering design firm based in The Gold Coast with a reputation for creating modern, low-maintenance, and resort-worthy indoor spaces , Australia wide.

From bespoke natural features and eye-catching structural accents to lighting that creates a relaxed ambience, we’ll give you the best quality .

office living room with tree and foliage design

EXCELLENT - worked with me on a project to ensure the desired outcome was achieved. Excellent customer service and product. Have had many compliments on this installation.

Kat M. Boutique home

A big thank you, Cedric,

Plant and Jars are beautiful. I am grateful for you and your team’s hardwork!

Love how cute and perfect the cotton flowers look, Easy green’s plant selection are by far the best we have seen out of the stores we opened so far.

Joey K. Clarins

We had the pleasure of working with the team at Easy Green Interior on the Saunders Havill project in Brisbane. Onyssa and Cedric are extremely professional and the end result for our 2 customs preserved moss walls was nothing short of sensational. Thank you both again

Paul S. Ideare 

Customer Reviews

Some Of Our Clients

Divers client portfolio

Onyssa and Cedric have worked with Architects, Interior Designers, Fashion Brands, TV Shows and Homeowners to name a few!


EasyGreen Interior creates beautiful interior greenery designs that are tailored to each client’s needs.

The team has worked on projects within offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, airports, residential properties, hospitals and assisted with events.


"We care about our clients!


After the installation of each design, our customers are given an information booklet on post-care.  

We keep in touch with our clients for the first year and if there are any questions, we are always here to help!


Preserving Nature In Design!


We import beautiful, real Preserved Moss, Flowers and Foliage from producers around the world. 

We are in the business of customised wall designs, frames and decorative items to freshen up your home or workspace.​​

business meeting with planners
Hand-made here in Australia

Yes, we are certified Australian-made,  Your project is 100% manufactured here. The panels/frames and designs will be made to size with your plants arranged and fastened by hand. This gives us total flexibility to create exactly what you need for your space. It also enables us to control the quality, avoiding poor finishes or gaps. We’ll keep you posted during the manufacturing process with photo updates as we go.

- Sustainable products

- Stunning finishes

- Work check and follow up

- Large range of Services 

- Skilled team for the preserved plants 

- Working Australia-wide and overseas using your local company for extra service.  

Thank you to supporting an Australian-made company! 


Tel:04 16 000 532 


EasyGreen Interior is a creative greenery studio from Australia. By working with us, you help Easygreen to provide a service that is 100% Australian and manufactured by hand. We guarantee the completion of work to a very high standard and a quality service from first contact through to installation and follow-up. We also provide, on request, a 100% eco-landscaping solution. 


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