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Greenery Concepts in Interior Design Made in Australia

Services And Specifications

Smart greenery Solutions


At Easygreen Interior, we tailor botanical décor, logos, and other elements to suit each client's space, whether independently or collaboratively developed. From concept to maintenance, we provide comprehensive support, ensuring professionalism and transparency throughout the process.








Tel:04 16 000 532 


EasyGreen Interior is a creative greenery studio from Australia. By working with us, you help Easygreen to provide a service that is 100% Australian and manufactured by hand. We guarantee the completion of work to a very high standard and a quality service from first contact through to installation and follow-up. We also provide, on request, a 100% eco-landscaping solution. 


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Technical Advice

Our department of plant designer meticulously examines each project, offering tailored advice on the most suitable solutions based on the specific conditions and space type. We provide independent or complementary services, including project reviews, technical assistance, and/or supervision of landscaping works and installation


At our core, we are deeply committed to blending design with nature, a philosophy evident in every bespoke proposal we craft. Our expertise extends beyond conceptualizing vertical gardens. We also provide decorative solutions for various surfaces, such as floors, ceilings, planters, and unique elements. You can be confident that all our products have the Easygreen seal, which indicates our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Sketch your Greens

After a consultation to better understand your desires and needs, you can request our designer to create a sketch visualizing the design you want, whether it's for a logo, wall covering, or any other design. Please note that this service includes the sketch only; the final selection of plants and materials will be reviewed during the technical phase of the process.


To proceed, click the button below to order your sketch.


Understanding the process is crucial when purchasing our products. Many projects are custom-made, and some require careful consideration and engineering to meet your specific needs, while others may have standardized specifications. This guide provides an overview of how we work together and how to specify the product you desire. Please click here to download the PDF.

For trade professionals, architects, and designers, access our Trade Portal to explore all the information available for use in your projects.

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