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The Greenery solutions

Preserved Plants - Artificial Plants - Living Plants

The Greenery solutions Preserved Plants - Artificial Plants - Living Plants



Book an appointment to transform your space into a greener, more sustainable environment for a healthier indoors.



Experience our innovative and captivating design concept, carefully crafted to surpass your expectations and create a stunning space.

Living plants rental

Enjoy the beauty of plants hassle-free with our unique residential plant rental service, bringing nature's touch to your home effortlessly.


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Experience professional installation services that bring your vision to life, ensuring precision, quality, and seamless execution.

Featured Projects
Couple of Kangaroos

We are certified Australia-made. 

Start your projects today! 

How do we work with you?

Designed With You for Your Space

We work with you to design something unique and beautiful for your space. Because we manufacture everything ourselves by hand, it means you can choose the frame sizes to suit your space, choose your flowers from our large range and the mix between foliage and moss, giving you something truly unique. We can provide drawings and samples and will work with you to ensure you get what you want.

Easy Green Interior
Handmade Here in Australia

Yes, we are certified Australian-made,  Your project is 100% manufactured here. The panels/frames and designs will be made to size with your plants arranged and fastened by hand. This gives us total flexibility to create exactly what you need for your space. It also enables us to control the quality, avoiding poor finishes or gaps. We’ll keep you posted during the manufacturing process with photo updates as we go.

Thank you to supporting Australian made company! 

Easy Green Interior


Schedule your Easygreen consultation for project discussion, advice, ideas, and a fixed design quote.

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Get your complimentary guide: Avoiding 5 common mistakes in preserved plants, green walls, and moss walls.


Submit project details, specifications, and pictures for a prompt quote from our team.

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When you work with Easygreen, we will be  there for every step of the project, bringing our skills greenery, design and practical construction. We work closely beside the team, from the initial supply and planning with our client, to designing in consultation with the architect, to the construction and installation of the greenery design/ wall, to the final fit-out and last touch-up.

How to start with your project?

Professionally Installed & Aftercare

We are providing a professional installation service, Our focus points are an organisation, respect for lead time, secured installation and neatness. With good communication between each party.   We truly think that this is the key of a good partenariat.

. This means we can make sure everything is as it should be during the installation and make any adjustments there and then if needed. We also provide a warranty*, and we can complete check-ups and maintenance if required. We truly are the experts, and there’s not much we don’t know. We’ll be there to support you.

Eco-Greenery & Long Lasting 

If you’re looking for an authentic way to finish off your residential space with elegance, then a green wall, moss wall or feature piece is a stunning way to do it.

We pride ourselves on being artists and will help you design something unique and beautiful for your space. Everything is handmade in our factory here in Australia, and if needed, we can come and install the piece for you.

Once you’re ready, please reach out to book in for a planning consultation to see if and how we can help you with your project.

The Green Solution

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