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The Greenery solutions

 Preserved Plants - Artificial Plants - Living Plants

Greenery Concepts in Interior Design Made in Australia

Easy Green Interior

Our preserved vertical gardens are custom-made with real plants! The added benefit is that our plants keep their freshness and beauty for years without requiring any upkeep.  All designs are possible without the hassle of a structured wall or watering system.

Preserved foliage wall

Easy Green Interior

Our preserved moss walls are currently our most popular item, especially the Reindeer Moss with its fire resistant properly. We are the only company with the knowledge and expertise required to create unique designs from preserved mosses, 

Eco-moss wall

Easy Green Interior

Your space only needs a little touch of nature to be enhanced; we have made a collection ready to hang on your wall. Whether for residential or commercial, use our feature pieces to make your space naturally stunning and play with the different shapes, sizes and colours!


Easy Green Interior

​We bring the power of nature to your brand with our incredible designs and logos. Our bold designs truly bring out the best in any venue, showcasing your brand in the very best light, maximising consumer engagement, and leaving a lasting positive impression of your brand.


Easy Green Interior

Whatever your realistic artificial walls, planters, or design needs, we have you covered! We love turning artificial plants into realistic-looking displays, which is why we use only the best and selective products for our work.

Faux Greenery

Easy Green Interior

At Easygreen, we love long-lasting plants. Thus, we offer solutions for bringing living plants inside! Many of our plants require very little maintenance, and we are able to set up an interior landscaping program tailored specifically to you and your maintenance needs. 

Living Plants

Easy Green Interior

We are installing Australia wild. Every of our projects is custom made by an expert team that is also qualified to install each design on any commercial worksite, Our qualified team has the required qualification to work on a construction site, EWP over 11meters and qualified carpenters.


Easy Green Interior

Delivering a project is the first part of our job, we can also help you with the maintenance whether it is living plants or preserved plants even artificial. We want the best for you and we will establish a maintenance plan that suits your needs then you’ll have the best for your plants!


Easy Green Interior

From the design stage to the installation we got you covered. We can design or help you design your project as we have designers. Our qualified team also manage the installation of our green walls, small or large any project can be done.

Design + Project management 

We bring the power of nature to your brand. Our bold designs of plants, moss and flowers displays bring out the best in any venue, maximise consumer engagement, motivate customers to share their experience with others, and leave a lasting positive impression of your brand.

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By Easygreen Interior Manufactuer and installer
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