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The Greenery solutions

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Greenery Concepts in Interior Design Made in Australia


Easygreen customised a Preserved Moss Wall for Haskel Architects office, who 'achieve meaningful, environmentally sensitive architecture'.

1. We shaped a number of custom Panels to fit an area that was approximately 9.25m2 in size

2. We filled with our Preserved Reindeer Moss in Moss Green colour by hand.

3. Easygreen Installed the Moss panels on the wall.

4. Moss hand finished on the Moss Wall for a quality & long lasting green wall

Haskell Architects is located at L1, 420 Spencer St, West Melbourne VIC 3000

Our Preserved Reindeer Moss requires no upkeep, special care or watering and will last for years!

Are you interested in creating a custom-designed Moss Wall? Contact us so that we can help your dream design come to life!


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