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The Greenery solutions Preserved Plants - Artificial Plants - Living Plants

The Greenery solutions

Preserved Plants - Artificial Plants - Living Plants


Our view of sustainability


At EasyGreen Interior, sustainability is at the heart of our business. We place a strong emphasis on eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, responsible waste management, and supporting local suppliers. Our goal is to create stunning spaces that prioritise the well-being of our clients and the environment.

Biophilic Indoor environment


Biophilic design is the practice of reconnecting people with nature in our built environments and communities. A growing body of scientific research shown the many ways plants can improve indoor air quality, reduce stress, improve productivity and creativity, decrease stress and overall improve our physical and mental health. Easygreen Interior expands nature’s footprint in the urban environment with Eco-Moss walls, Eco-Foliage walls, living plants and Interior plantscape design. These products help reduce and regulate indoor temperatures, make heating and cooling systems work efficiently, create biodiversity, help curb the urban heat island effect, and filter harmful particulate matter from the air and storm water. Easygreen Interiors Preserved custom moss walls give designers and architects an exciting new option for biophilic design.

Supporting A Greener Environment


Your project will be manufactured here in Australia. Eco- design and Eco- responsibility are very important to Easygreen Interior and we seek every opportunity to positively influence not only our products effect on the environment from the design stage right through to the product development process. There is an instant recognition for Australian products, Australia has a reputation for high quality and high performing products. It’s extremely important for us to be licensed with the Australian Made campaign because it’s a trusted logo our customers can look for and count on quality Australian made products. We take pride in being an Australian made and owned company, supporting and purchasing from local Australian companies nurseries driving the economic development and prosperity for our local community. Equally, Eco-design not only improves environmental outcomes, but may reduce your costs in the long term.

Leading Acoustic Solutions with Nature

By combining aesthetics with sound capability, our Preserved Eco-Moss walls and Preserved Eco-Foliage walls are an effective solution for high visibility spaces, characterised by disruptive ambient noise. Along with exposure to natural light, acoustic comfort is integral to our wellbeing. Open spaces promote collaboration and creativity, but often come at the cost of privacy. Using sound -absorbing materials such as can significantly reduce noise, helping to improve concentration levels. Preserved Moss provides natural acoustic dampening, which enhances the comfort of any office or high traffic hospitality environment. Easygreen Preserved Eco-moss walls  are a beautiful and cost effective way to improve acoustic and reduce noise pollution. Exceptional sound absorption is one of the many benefits of our Preserved moss. Eco-Moss walls are the perfect green option as an interior wall cladding for music studios, office interiors and various other commercial interior environments. For example, a large office space which echoes or high reverberation can be significantly improved with the clever use of Eco-moss wall cladding. 

Preserved Plants: The Top Choice for Sustainability

Easygreen Preserved plants and Mosses are preserved through an innovative and eco-friendly process using natural glycerin and dye. Without the use of chemicals, the natural glycerin mimics the water in the moss. This allows it to maintain its authentic look and texture for years to come. Our Preserved plants are special in that they are preserved through their roots, meaning no topical or toxic agents are being added to the plants or moss, and picked in Europe with sustainability in mind. Our farmers responsibly cultivate and maintain their own forests and fields and employ local workers to hand-gather the plants at their peak. The Preserved plants are picked during the height of their natural state, like when a flower is in full bloom displaying its deepest colour. Like all other aspects of our work, preservation and stabilization are not one-size-fits-all practices. Each process can take one to three weeks depending on things like species, size, temperature and water quality. In addition, Preserved Plants and Moss also require less energy during their maintenance and upkeep. Although they’re natural the preservation process means that they do not require any light or water. To be able to save on water and electricity for light sources, contributes to their lower energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Customer Reviews

EXCELLENT - worked with me on a project to ensure the desired outcome was achieved. Excellent customer service and product. Have had many compliments on this installation.

Kat M. Boutique home

A big thank you, Cedric,

Plant and Jars are beautiful. I am grateful for you and your team’s hardwork!

Love how cute and perfect the cotton flowers look, Easy green’s plant selection are by far the best we have seen out of the stores we opened so far.

Joey K. Clarins

We had the pleasure of working with the team at Easy Green Interior on the Saunders Havill project in Brisbane. Onyssa and Cedric are extremely professional and the end result for our 2 customs preserved moss walls was nothing short of sensational. Thank you both again

Paul S. Ideare 

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EasyGreen Interior is a creative greenery studio from Australia. By working with us, you help Easygreen to provide a service that is 100% Australian and manufactured by hand. We guarantee the completion of work to a very high standard and a quality service from first contact through to installation and follow-up. We also provide, on request, a 100% eco-landscaping solution. 


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