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The Greenery solutions

 Preserved Plants - Artificial Plants - Living Plants

Greenery Concepts in Interior Design Made in Australia

Explore the limitless possibilities with our artisan preserved greenscape designs by Easygreen Interior. Our bold arrangements of plants, flowers, and mosses not only enhance spaces but also engage consumers effortlessly. Experience the allure of naturally grown, sustainably harvested plants and moss, treated for long-term vibrancy. Our safe, biodegradable treatment ensures maintenance-free indoor green walls and stunning installations.

Easy Green Interior moss art

Moss Art

Experience the allure of our bespoke preserved moss art! Crafted from real moss, our artistic installations retain their lushness and charm for years, requiring no maintenance. Enjoy limitless design possibilities without the need for structured walls or watering systems.

Easy Green Interior Eco moss Wall

Eco-moss wall

Our preserved Eco-moss walls are currently our most popular item, especially the Reindeer Moss with its fire resistant properly. We are the only company with the knowledge and expertise required to create unique designs from preserved mosses, 

Easy Green Interior Mix of mosses

Mix of mosses

A mixture of all our mosses creates texture and intriguing natural wall covering. We can create different shapes, play with textures, colours to create a unique design that will define you and will be eye catching.

Easy Green Interior Green Logo

Green logo

​We bring the power of nature to your brand with our incredible designs and logos. Our bold designs truly bring out the best in any venue, showcasing your brand in the very best light, maximising consumer engagement, and leaving a lasting positive impression of your brand.

Easy Green Interior preserved natural garden

Evergreen garden

Our handcrafted Preserved Natural Gardens are tailored for any space. From small to large, each embodies nature's essence. Immerse in grand preserved installations, bringing timeless greenery to your home, workspace, or commercial settings effortlessly.

Easy Green Interior green on the ceiling

Green on the Ceiling

Greenery solutions are not only for ground and walls covering, thanks to our upkeep free plants, we can hang our plants our moss from ceiling without the hassle of the maintenance. Thanks to this, we can enhance any room and create a unique design that you won’t find everywhere. Be unique!

Easy Green Interior foliage wall

Full Foliage Wall

Using an assortment of Preserved plants, we will create a full, lush look complete with  full foliage to add texture and depth. Full density foliage walls are extremely dense, using a high concentration of plants to create a stunning visual impact complete with various health benefits.

Easy Green Interior low foliage wall

Low Foliage Wall

A stunning eye- catching combination of 10 to 30% Preserved foliage and combination of 70- 90% Preserved natural moss. Recommended to achieve a motif is inspired by the forms and patterns we see in natural world. 

 Tell us more about the density of foliage you want?

Easy Green Interior preserved planters

Preserved Planters

With a large range of preserved plants, we have the ability to create planters without upkeep. We have the ability to create a design with the plants and you’ll be able to keep the planters green, fresh and no need of watering or trimming, just enjoy!

Easy Green Interior preserved flowers

Preserved flowers

By working with farmers all around the world, we have the largest range of high quality preserved plants, mosses and flowers in Australia. We can use the preserved flowers for your shop window, branding, events and bring freshness into your office.

Our flowers keep their freshness for years.

Easy Green Interior frame and shapes

Frame and Shapes

All our creations are intriguing natural wallcoverings. We can create different shapes, play with textures, colors for a unique design that will define you and be eye-catching. Choose between different frame options for your finished product. EasyGreen can frame your work or offer you other options.

Easy Green Interior preserved tree

Preserved Tree

Our skilled team is able to create preserved or semi- preserved trees; We will build any size tree, from the small bonsai to the large palm tree. Our preserved trees do not need any soil, they can be installed everywhere without having a structural frame.  Our preserved trees are a great addition for your office.

Easy Green Interior handing plants

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are used in most working places, by using the preserved plants as hanging plants you won’t have the hassle to water and trim the plants. We will be able to install our Preserved hanging where you needed, including but not limited to the top of lights, furniture.

Easy Green Interior natural element wall

Natural element Wall

Our preserved plants bring the power of nature in your home, but we can always do more. We can integrate natural element to your piece of art, by using cork bark, branches, rocks or any natural material.

Easy Green Interior fournitures


Easygreen propose a game of furniture with preserved plants integration or can integrate our preserved plants and mosses into furniture, you can bring the nature closer to you. We have the ability to cut to shape any panel to insert our piece of art into your cabinets.

Easy Green Interior events


Get all in one with EasyGreen for your event. By using flowers, greenery solutions, logos and much more. We will manage, supply and install for your event in time and with good communication. Our high-quality services will help you not losing time with multiple suppliers and decrease your stress.



Your space only needs a little touch of nature to be enhanced; we have made a collection ready to hang on your wall. Whether for residential or commercial, use our feature pieces to make your space naturally stunning and play with the different shapes, sizes and colours!



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When you work with Easygreen, we will be  there for every step of the project, bringing our skills greenery, design and practical construction. We work closely beside the team, from the initial supply and planning with our client, to designing in consultation with the architect, to the construction and installation of the greenery design/ wall, to the final fit-out and last touch-up.




Tel:04 16 000 532 


EasyGreen Interior is a creative greenery studio from Australia. By working with us, you help Easygreen to provide a service that is 100% Australian and manufactured by hand. We guarantee the completion of work to a very high standard and a quality service from first contact through to installation and follow-up. We also provide, on request, a 100% eco-landscaping solution. 


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