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The Greenery solutions

Preserved Plants - Artificial Plants - Living Plants

The Greenery solutions Preserved Plants - Artificial Plants - Living Plants

Role and Responsabilities

  • Design and Manufacture: Embark on a guided journey where you'll combine creativity and skills to meticulously craft stunning green walls that seamlessly integrate preserved plants and artificial greenery.

  • Hands-On Training: Embrace this role as an opportunity to learn and teach as you develop the art of crafting preserved plant designs, including greenery arrangements, living planters, and similar masterpieces.

  • Transform Spaces: Show your creative flair by turning ordinary spaces into captivating botanical wonders, guided by our training and your imaginative touch.

  • Collaborate with Clients: Collaborate closely with clients to understand their vision and translate it into extraordinary designs that exceed their expectations.

  • Organized Workflow: Maintain an organized workflow, ensuring projects are completed on time and precisely.

  • Attention to Detail: Uphold our commitment to the highest quality standards  and ensure meticulous attention to every detail.

  • Practical Skillset: Embrace a practical approach by engaging in occasional installation work, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Innovative Contributions: Contribute fresh ideas to enhance our product offerings and elevate design aesthetics.

  • Warehouse Management: Play a pivotal role in maintaining an organized warehouse, checking and managing stock, and ensuring tools are used appropriately and stored neatly.


  • Eagerness to Learn: Demonstrate a strong desire to learn the craft of crafting preserved plant designs, even if you're new to this exciting field.

  • Design Vision: Showcase your creative vision by transforming concepts into visually stunning, environmentally-friendly designs.

  • Organizational Prowess: Exhibit a strong ability to maintain an efficient workflow and keep our workspace organized and functional.

  • Craftsmanship Dedication: Exhibit unwavering attention to detail and an unyielding commitment to impeccable craftsmanship.

  • Practical Skills: Capable of using glues and tools appropriately. Display proficiency in the appropriate use, maintenance, and care of tools and equipment..

  • Physical Aptitude: Possess physical fitness and health, as the role involves standing and occasional lifting.

  • Effective Communication: Communicate effectively for client interactions and seamless team collaboration.

  • Adaptability: Be flexible to perform occasional installations, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Design Enthusiasm: Maintain a passion for staying up-to-date with industry trends and design innovations.

Craft Green Elegance with Us!

We are currently looking for a talented and creative individual who is passionate about hands-on manufacturing and eager to learn, grow, and contribute to environmentally-friendly design. If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply for our open position.

Our team is seeking a Greenery Manufacturing Specialist who is ready to embrace training, take on a dynamic role, and help shape spaces using preserved plants and artificial greenery. To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter outlining your relevant experience to We are committed to diversity and welcome all applicants, regardless of background. Come join us on our journey to shape the future of green design.

Craft Green Elegance with Us!

Are you excited about embarking on a journey to create botanical beauty that transforms spaces? Are you naturally inclined to craft enchanting green walls and designs using preserved plants and high-quality artificial greenery? If you're eager to embrace a learning opportunity, enhance your craftsmanship, and become an integral part of an innovative team, we have an exciting proposition for you!

Position: Junior Green Wall and Greenery Manufacturing Specialist

Location: Warehouse , 4220 Burleigh Heads - Casual installation Australia wide

Type: Casual Position with Full-Time Potential: Initially offered on a casual basis, this role presents a unique chance to transition into full-time employment based on your dedication, performance, and your commitment to learning and growth.

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