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Benefits of Preserved plants with FAQ

Updated: May 30, 2023

Why use fake plants and flowers when we can create designs with the real thing at a similar price?

EasyGreen Interior creates designs that incorporate beautiful preserved moss, flowers and foliage. Our preserved plants are the perfect addition to any space and are low maintenance, vibrant and suitable for interior spaces!

EasyGreen Interior products undergo a unique ecological process to keep your greenery vibrant and lively. Natural and clean, the preservation treatment is done without adding any toxic or dangerous chemical components.

Across our range of preserved plants, we guarantee a delightful and low-maintenance experience for our customers, as our preserved plants do not require any water or pruning on anything. Our carefully preserved plants are pollen-free, ensuring that allergies won't hinder your enjoyment of nature's beauty.

EasyGreen takes pride in offering products that enhance your space aesthetically and provides additional functional benefits. Take, for example, our Reindeer Moss, a versatile decorative moss that serves multiple purposes. It adds a touch of elegance to your design. It acts as an acoustic absorber, helping to create a more peaceful and serene environment. It is naturally fire-resistant moss, ensuring you can enjoy its beauty without compromising security or peace of mind.

We offer a wide range of preserved plants and foliage. With our diverse selection, you can choose the perfect elements to incorporate into your green design, vertical walls, planters, trees and logos, allowing us to create a personalised space that reflects your style and vision.

At EasyGreen, we're dedicated to providing preserved plants that are visually appealing and cater to your needs. Explore our range and discover how our products can transform your space, adding a touch of nature's charm with their beauty and functionality.

Read bellow FAQ.

Yes , Preserved plants are suitable for allergy sufferers as they are no longer living, despite being 100% real. How great is that!



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