Yes, EasyGreen uses real plants that are naturally preserved in a special process. This permanently preserved the plants and does not require any care.


Our green design are just easy and stress free, no care is necessary. On the contrary, the preserved plants should never be watered under any circumstances. They also don't require light and their antistatic propertied prevent them from collecting dust. In short: 100% natural, 0% care.


The special preservation process is based on water, food coloring and glycerine and is therefore completely harmless regarding health. In an exchange process, the water in the plants is replaced by glycerine and the chlorophyll is replaced by food coloring.


Direct sunlight effects our plants in different ways. With moss, it becomes lighter and the bright colours appear to fade. With our ferns, they tend to retract whilst our flowers also lose colour but become very dry as well. It should therefore be avoided whenever possible. In addition, you should not hang the products near or over heat sources, as the glycerin does not tolerate it well.


As long as the air humidity is not more than 70% the plant pictures and walls can be used in all interior space - such as in the living, sleeping or dinning room, in offices and conferences rooms, in public buildings or at trade shows. The preserved plants are not suited for use in outdoor areas. For too bright or outdoor spaces we use other natural or high quality artificial plants.


Yes, the preserved plants act as soft natural material similar to soundproofing element and reduce both noise and reverberation in enclosed spaces.


Because they are natural plants and mosses, they do have the typical natural odor, which dissipates over time. If you dont like the natural odor, you can order a special purfume for the moss from us.


Of course! Reindeer moss is extremely well suited for public spaces, not just for its beauty, but because of its fireproof quality. For the other plants easygreen can treat them on request to make them resistant to fire.


No, not completely. On the one hand, our pictures are made by hand. On the other hand, the plants are natural products and have variations in color and form. Each picture is unique.

No, because of the anti-static effect and the slight air movement in the room no dust gathers on the plants. Some dust may collect on the frames. 


We design and install projects around Australia. Our team originally started creating our designs in Europe, and our products have made their way overseas due to huge popularity! We have design and manufacturing partners all around the world, with past experience in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, USA, Taiwan and Australia!

Yes, as the pictures are made of real plants that are naturally preserved and therefore are not alive any more, the pictures are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Yes, we do install every designs we do. The client has the choice of installing them themselves if they wish.


EasyGreen takes responsibility for importing all of the products required for the designs. We are in direct contact with the Australian Government Department of Agriculture so there is no risk for the client.


If you have any further question do not hesitate to contact our team