Green Design our passion
Easygreen is a creative studio founded in Australia. We come up with strong and distinct greenery design based on research and creative innovation
We are the leader with preserved plants in Australia and give warranty on our products*
green space solutions maximise your floor, wall, ceiling and roof space to transform them into dramatically enhanced, unique environments with reduced maintenance and improved isolation and greenery possibilities. 
We create a bespoke home, office, commercial, event and garden installations.
Do the plants require care?
No care is necessary. On the contrary, the preserved plants should never be watered under any circumstances. They also don't require light and their anti static propertied prevent them from collecting dust. In short: 100% natural, 0% care.
Are the preserved plants are real?
Yes, EasyGreen uses real plants that are naturally preserved in a special process. This permanently preserved the plants and does not require any care.
How are the plants preserved?
The special preservation process is based on water, food coloring and glycerine and is therefore completely harmless regarding health. In an exchange process, the water in the plants is replaced by glycerine and the chlorophyll is replaced by food coloring.