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The Greenery solutions

Greenery Concepts in Interior Design Made in Australia

Working Towards A Greener Future


Interior landscape, manufacturer of innovative wallcovering ,designs and branding.​ 

We are EasyGreen Interior, a creative greenery studio from Australia.
We create unique greenery designs tailored to you and your brand based on research, innovation, and years of professional experience. We are truly the expert in eco-innovative plants known as preserved plants.


Products and services

Our specialization

Drive into our innovative indoor green solutions integrating nature seamlessly. We offer versatile greenery solutions tailored to your needs, including logos, artwork, and accessories. Trust us for high-quality products that represent your brand or space effectively."


Explore our meticulous crafting process, tailored specifically for indoor environments. From initial design concepts to the final product, we prioritize sustainable materials and innovative techniques to create green spaces that enhance indoor living.

Crafting process

Trust our experienced team to expertly implement your indoor green vision. With a focus on precision and attention to detail, we transform interior spaces into lush, inviting sanctuaries, elevating the ambiance and well-being of any room.


Ensure the continued health and beauty of your indoor greenery with our dedicated maintenance services. Our team provides ongoing care tailored to indoor environments, ensuring your green oasis thrives year-round with minimal effort on your part.



About Our Business

Experience Excellence in DESIGN, MANUFACTURE , INSTALLATION  and MAITENANCE with EasyGreen Interior.

Our in-house team at Easygreen Interior have the ability and acumen to fulfil every aspect of a major project. We combine cross-industry experience and diverse backgrounds for seamless execution with a fresh approach. Click now to explore our unique approach to design, installation, and maintenance.

Our green innovation was chosen to make a big impact on their branding in space. To learn more > click DISCOVER MORE >

They trust us


Book your consultation with Easygreen , to talk about your next project. We'll be able to give advice and ideas and provide you a fixed quote to complete your design.


Download our free booklet to avoid the 5 common mistakes when purchasing preserved products. Click now and equip yourself with valuable insights for a smarter buying experience.


Submit project details, specifications, and pictures for a prompt quote from our team. Share your vision today and receive a swift response for your upcoming project.

Project kick start

Transforming vision into reality

When you work with Easygreen, we will be  there for every step of the project, bringing our skills greenery, design and practical construction. We work closely beside the team, from the initial supply and planning with our client, to designing in consultation with the architect, to the construction and installation of the greenery design/ wall, to the final fit-out and last touch-up.