Reindeer Moss Panels By EasyGreen

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Easy to install, our Reindeer Moss panels can enhance your interior easily. With more than 20 different colours, you can create anything! Easy to cut and maintenance free, our panels are the new trend in Australia.

Reindeer Moss Panels BY EASYGREEN Interior

Description : Preserved Reindeer Moss is natural. Variations in sizes, shapes and colours can exist.

Installation : Panels can be screwed or glued on walls. Make sure you use the right screws (for wood, plaster, concrete).

Light & heat exposure : Plants exposed to the sun for extended periods of time may discolour - exposure to heat will dry it out.

Odour : Preserved moss keeps its natural smell, with time it will no longer have a natural smell.

Good to know: Preserved Reindeer Moss is naturally fire resistant, sound absorbing and a humidity releaser (like a sponge)

Use : Exclusive indoor use / Do not water / Do not expose to sunlight / Keep away from heat sources

Colors reindeer moss