OUR REINDEER MOSS IS Environmentally Friendly

Updated: Aug 24, 2021


Our Reindeer Moss is picked by hand, following strict rules regarding environment and sustainability across an area of about 15.000 km². The lichen is picked in a checkerboard pattern and only from parts above a specified length to allow for the best possible conditions for regrowth. No more than 20% of the amount is picked at a time, and the area is not revisited for at least 4-5 years. The lichen grows the fastest during the Spring period and is not collected during the Winter period, during which the ground is covered in snow.

Picking lichen requires a governmental permit and landowners' approval, including forestry companies, municipalities, and private individuals. The lichen collection maintains employment for rural communities and is a requirement in some forest areas where overgrowth of the lichen inhibits the propagation of plants and animals. The lichen picking is subject to a rigorous review (ISO 9001) conducted every 3 years and encompasses all company activities.