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Greenery Concepts in Interior Design Made in Australia

Our Moss and its' Fragrance

Flat moss thrives in dark, humid environments with moisture. Now if you envision a dark French forest and its aroma - this fragrance may be present with installed green wall art, but do not be concerned. Some embrace the fragrance as it invokes a sense of the outdoors inside, while others may prefer a solution to remove the odor.

If you have a green wall installed by our team please refer to you maintenance manual you can find some tips about the way to avoid smell in the room.

Easygreen Interior made a a natural perfume that can be purchase by contacting us. It requires spraying at least 30cm away from the moss to avoid damage as it is important make the moss wet. Correct usage will not adversely affect the moss. Normal smells will fade over time but if you desire, our perfume can assist in removing them.

There is no need to 'soak' the moss with the perfume to remove the smell as this will damage it.


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