DesignBUILD 2018 top picks – Easy Green Interior by Adelle King

Vertical gardens are a very popular trend at the moment, allowing home owners to bring a garden indoors even in a confined space to cool the area and improve air quality. However, keeping a vertical garden alive can be difficult, especially if there is a lack of good ventilation or natural light.

Now, Easy Green Interior has made having a vertical garden inside easy, with maintenance-free 100% natural and real plants. The secret is that the plants are preserved, which means they don’t require water, misting, irrigation, sunlight or trimming yet they stay evergreen and last for years.

Each vertical garden design is customisable and the plants are all hypoallergenic, with no soil, humidity or pollen.

We thought this seems like a great alternative for people who want to bring greenery into their homes but struggle to keep even a succulent alive. 

By Adelle King editor of BUILD