Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Why use fake plants and flowers when we can create designs with the real thing at a similar price?

EasyGreen Interior creates designs that incorporate beautiful preserved flowers and foliage. Low maintenance, vibrant and suitable for interior spaces, our preserved flowers and foliage are the perfect addition to any space!

To keep your interior flowers and plants vibrant and lively, EasyGreen Interior products undergo a unique ecological process. Natural and clean, the preservation treatment is done without the addition of any toxic or dangerous chemical components. Our favourites include Reindeer Moss and Ferns.

Across our range of preserved flowers and foliage, our customers can be assured that their designs will not create extra humidity, are pollen-free and keep insects coming indoors!

Some EasyGreen products, such as our Reindeer Moss, can also act as an acoustic absorber. This decorative moss is not only fire resistant, but it has the capability to capture humidity.

Our range of flowers and foliage suits a wide range of customers. Our clients can choose what plants and foliage they want, and how they want it to be incorporated in their green design.