Updated: Oct 12, 2020

This project was incredibly detail orientated and had our team create a number of bespoke designs for Autumn Compass, a "tech-driven enterprise". The beautiful sweeping views of Darling Harbour, Sydney from the Office located on Level 23 dramatically compliments the Office's interior design.

We created a Preserved Moss Wall that was a total of 16m2 of sweeping design. The Moss Wall's shape was cut using a CNC machine in our studio and the panels filled by hand with our Preserved Reindeer Moss in Moss Green colour.

Autumn Compass is located at Level 23,

71 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000

We created approximately 40 Moss Stones in a number of sizes and colours to be installed throughout the Office to bring in freshness, colour and modernity. We shaped small, medium and large-sized Moss Stones and filled by hand with our Preserved Reindeer Moss in colours such as Light Pink, Burgundy, Natural, Medium Green, Orange, Yellow, Moss Green and Spring Green.

Installation of the above took approximately one day by our expert team on-site but, took a total of twelve days to piece together by hand in our studio.

Our Preserved Reindeer Moss is completely maintenance-free and requires no special care or watering and, will last for years!

As you interested in creating a custom-designed Moss Wall, or Moss Stones? Contact us so that we can help your dream design come to life!