Updated: Aug 24, 2021

This project saw our design team create a customised large Preserved Moss Wall for Ashley Faithful Training Studio who provide a "luxury gym & personal training in Melbourne".

We shaped a number of Panels to be 50cm x 50cm as requested by the client, with a combined total of approximately 17sqm. We filled the Panels by hand with our Preserved Reindeer Moss in Moss Green colour.

The Panels were created in our studio over approximately five days by our expert team, and then was carefully shipped to the client in Melbourne who installed them themselves.

Ashleigh Faithful is located at 226 King Street,

Melbourne VIC 3004.

Our Preserved Reindeer Moss is completely maintenance free and requires no special care or watering and, will last for years! It is also a high class sound absorber, fire retardant and can help purify the air!

Are you interested in creating a custom designed Moss Wall? Are you wanting to install the design yourself? Contact us so that we can help your dream design come to life!