Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Sustainable and 100% naturel planters! For that project we created a large number of custom made Pots with preserved plants for the ANZ Centre Office. ANZ is "among the top 4 banks in Australia...and among the top 50 banks in the world".

We created approximately 250 Pots using Preserved Plants that were spread out over the 12 floors of ANZ Centre. The client stipulated they wanted living plants, and our real preserved plant were the best solution for their longevity and maintenance-free qualities to add on the area with low light in addition to the living pots plant.

ANZ Bank Head Office is located at

833 Collins Street, Docklands VIC 2008.

The Pots varied in diameter and installation took place by hand on-site over approximately five days by our expert team. We filled the Pots with Preserved Plants such as Palms, Ivy, Papyrus and a number of Ferns.

All plants used in the design of ANZ Centre are from our extensive Preserved Plant range.

The Pots are completely maintenance-free and require no special care or watering and, they will last for years!

Are you interested in creating custom made Pots like ANZ Centre? Contact us so that we can help your dream design come to life!