We Specialize in Greenery concept and innovative decoration with preserved plants and long term solutions
We are the leader with preserved plants in Australia and give warranty on our products*
CEO & FOUNDER ; Onyssa and Cedric the designers from Switzerland and France .


From the farm to the stunning green wall - Our team works hardly to create your project




Our preserved plants are 100% natural and real they require no special care or maintenance nor do they need water, or misting or irrigation, no sunlight, or trimming. The preserved plants stay evergreen and keep their beauty and freshness for years. They require no follow-on cost.


As the plant is preserved, there is no soil, no humidity, or even pollen and  so it is perfect for people with allergies or hospitals.



Regardless of the specifics you would like to achieve, whether it be the height, or if there are particular curves required or even if you would like to create a room separation, our team will apply their knowledge and expertise to the challenge. With our multiple working techniques and the particularity of our products, all projects are possible and achievable.



Although our plants come from farms all over the world, every project is custom made in our factory in Australia . We hold a large inventory of stock in our warehouse to guarantee you a fast service. (Approx. 1 week for 10sqm)



Our plants are grown on farms all over the world and then preserved with a rigorous and natural process. By choosing to use preserved plants, you also choose to save water as well as energy.



Because our panels are light, it is very easy to install. Our team can take care of the installation for you Australia wide, or you can choose to install yourself using the instructions provided.




For you first approach, ask your E-quote based of all the architectural information. for a custom made quote.



Our team is a small crew. We work meticulously on each project . We got a long story and knowledge with greenery, we install and find custom made solutions, we follow the project and give the best services you need.


Easygreen creates any project you need and helps you to find the best greenery solution.


Our priority is to answer to your questions for your future project to ensure our plants are suitable to the environment and  move forward together as we can realise amazing greenery design. . 


Warranty apply for our customers as EasyGreen is proud of our products and provide a complete service during the process and after installationof our greenery.


Post installation care, WE CARE ABOUT IT!  Easygreen proposes a bespoke an instructive and maintenance  program to keep your plants long lasting and attractive.

Restaurant Midi treize
Pylons with pole moss

Easygreen Interior has worked with a diverse client portfolio. Onyssa and Cedric have worked with architects, interior designers, fashion brands, and homeowners to create beautiful interior plant designs tailored to each client’s needs. The Easy Green Interior team have worked on projects within offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, airports, residential properties, hospitals, and events.


We care about our clients.


After the installation of every design, customers will be given an information booklet. We keep in touch with our clients for the first year. If there are any questions, you can always contact us.


Preserving Nature In Design


Importing beautiful preserved real flowers and foliage from producers around the world, Easy Green Interior is in the business of customised wall designs, frames, and decorative items to freshen up your home or workspace.